We Have Moved !

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Passy’s World is now at http://passyworldofmathematics.com/

We have moved Passy’s World of Mathematics to a new self-hosted site at the following address:


This new site is the permanent new home of Passy’s World.




What’s on the New Site

Everything that is on this site, as well as ongoing new lessons

Integration of Passy’s World with our PowerPoints on Slideshare

Slideshare presentations which are all Apple device compatible

Printable Mathematics Posters

Easier Free Subscription

Google Translate to Foreign Languages functionality

Fully updated cross references in “Related Items” sections of all lessons

Simplified and shortened URL addresses for all our lessons

eBooks becoming available later this year.


Future of the Old Site

The “old” wordpress.com site will remain operational for several weeks.

This will allow people to update links they have to our items to make them point to the new site.

Links need to be updated by removing both “wordpress” and the date value from them.

Eg. https://passyworldofmathematics.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/stem-and-leaf-plots/

on the old site becomes:


on the new site.

You will know you are on the old site, if the surrounding background is a grey color.

The new site has the familiar blue surrounding color.

After a period of several weeks, the old site will be permanently redirected to the new site.

The old site already has its Index page updated to point to all lessons on the new site.


What You Need to Do

Change any bookmarks and links you have so that they point to the new site.

Links need to be updated by removing both “wordpress” and the date value from them.

Eg. https://passyworldofmathematics.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/averages-mean-median-mode/

on the old site becomes:


on the new site.

Re-subscribe to the new site, if you are a subscriber of the old site.

Click the following link to find out about free subscription:


Enjoy the new site and its enhanced content.

Moving to a self hosted WordPress infrastructure grants Passy’s World many new opportunities to better serve all teachers and students of mathematics.


About Passy

Hi, my name is "Passy" and I am a teacher of ICT and Mathematics. I have not always been a teacher. I spent quite a few years working on explosives, rocket motors, jet aircraft, and then computer systems for Banks and Telcos. I am Australian, but have spent a lot of time in the USA, and consider America to be my much beloved second home. So I will often be saying “Math” instead of “Maths” !
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