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About Passy

Hi, my name is "Passy" and I am a teacher of ICT and Mathematics. I have not always been a teacher. I spent quite a few years working on explosives, rocket motors, jet aircraft, and then computer systems for Banks and Telcos. I am Australian, but have spent a lot of time in the USA, and consider America to be my much beloved second home. So I will often be saying “Math” instead of “Maths” !
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3 Responses to Free Math Videos

  1. Bronwyn Moroney says:

    You have become my hyperactive hero. You sure you do not mind plagerism? Cos i am going berserk and stealing everything. I am going to send this out to staff at school tomorrow. If I cannot please tell me don’t.
    And when you look at my wikispace it will seem oh so similar! Bronwyn

  2. Passy says:

    Go for it Bronwyn, and don’t worry I’ll be borrowing from your Equations material on Wikispaces, as we are doing Equations next in Maths at my school. The Internet is for sharing, and I don’t see it as plagiarism at all, as long as we are sharing around the good oil that keeps the wheels turning.

  3. Fives says: is a pirate site which is replaying and making add revenue using my videos with out my permission.

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