Measurement Formulas 1

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Hi, my name is "Passy" and I am a teacher of ICT and Mathematics. I have not always been a teacher. I spent quite a few years working on explosives, rocket motors, jet aircraft, and then computer systems for Banks and Telcos. I am Australian, but have spent a lot of time in the USA, and consider America to be my much beloved second home. So I will often be saying “Math” instead of “Maths” !
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11 Responses to Measurement Formulas 1

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  9. Bronwyn Moroney says:

    There is a mistake on circumference. Should it not be Pi x 2R NOT 2Pi x R

    • Passy says:

      Thanks Bronwyn. Yes Circumference was messed up in a rush to add Perimeters in, and it had A = instead of C= as well. I have now fixed it up. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Bronwyn Moroney says:

        Well thankyou to you for doing this and doing it so well. So I have stolen it but added a great PDF with lots of revsion exercises. Feel free to steal.

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